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Social Media Marketing is the process for acquiring website visitors through social media websites - such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. This is usually achieved through sharing content on these websites (also known as "Content Marketing"), with the aim that other users of the network will re-share it, thus increasing brand awareness, interest, clicks through to your website and ultimately conversions/sales.

Apart from driving potential customers to your website, it's now accepted that the major search engines are starting to place increasing importance on what are known as "social signals" to determine search engine ranking. Social Media Marketing is therefore becoming inseparable from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Social Media Marketing Services

I have set-up, and I currently manage my own Social Media communities with approximately 25,000 followers. I also permanently run a range of paid advertising campaigns in Facebook.

As a Social Media strategist, some of the Services that I offer are as follows:

  • Devising your Social Media Strategy
  • Devising Content Marketing strategies
  • Targeted paid advertising campaigns in Social Media
  • Measuring success

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