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I always aim to design and develop websites that convert, in other words, websites that achieve their goals. It's too often the case that Web Design as a discipline is separated entirely from Online Marketing. The result is that your entire budget gets spent on developing a website that looks great, but without an Online Marketing strategy, you end up with virtually no visitors and no conversions/sales. It's almost as if bringing people to the website, and getting them to take action is seen as an afterthought.

We believe in a fully integrated approach

At the outset, during the website planning phase, we help define your website goals. Who will it be targeted at? Which geographic locations and demographics? What actions do you want your visitors to take? How will you measure and value those actions?

We'll help you understand how your website will contribute towards your overall marketing plan, help you define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and only then do we start to plan and build a website that will achieve what it's supposed to.

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We offer a range of web design services to help you start marketing your products/services online

Planning your Website

I have extensive experience in "requirements gathering", as well as planning and documenting small business websites. I pride myself on my ability to communicate the more technical concepts in non-technical language.

From my experience, time invested in the initial planning phase of web design always pays dividends further down the line - saving many hours that might otherwise be lost in re-structuring or re-designing a badly thought-out website.

By understanding your website goals, and how your website will fit into your overall marketing plan, I will be able to work with you on determining the best structure, layout and technology to use to achieve your aims.

Freelance Wordpress Design and Development

Wordpress has been a game changer for small business. When I started out as a web developer 15 years ago, we'd charge 3,000 - 5,000 British pounds to develop a relatively simple website with a basic Content Management System (CMS) allowing clients to make simple website updates themselves. These days Wordpress will do the same for free. What's more, it's fantastic for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Wordpress was originally released in 2003 as a blogging platform, and has evolved into the most popular Content Management System on the web, powering more than 60 million websites as of 2014.

I began using Wordpress in 2005, and have installed, customised, published and maintained countless Wordpress websites. I have also developed training courses to teach people website development and maintenance using Wordpress.

Developing E-Commerce Websites

Do you have a product or service to sell? We can help you plan and execute an e-commerce strategy and get you selling online as quickly and painlessly as possible. We believe in the "Lean Start-Up" approach, which essentially means we aim to get a first iteration of your website up and selling online as quickly as possible, and improve it based on live feedback from your market.

Web Design and Illustration

We provide Web Design services for small businesses in Barcelona and the UK. We also work closely with a network of freelance graphic designers and illustrators in Barcelona, and can provide services such as logo design, responsive email design, Wordpress template design and landing page design.

Landing Page Design

A landing page is essentially a web page that is designed to encourage a website visitor to take a particular action. These actions might be signing-up for something, joining an email list (lead capture) or making a purchase.

Landing pages get their name due to the fact that they are often the page that a visitor will "land" on when clicking on an advertisement, or coming from a social media website to your website.

Due to the fact that landing pages are often designed to lead a visitor towards one particular action, the page structure and layout will often differ from standard website pages - e.g. landing pages sometimes have limited or no navigation in order to increase the chance that website visitors will click a particular button, or submit a form.

We can help you design and develop custom (responsive/mobile optimised) landing pages for your website, or your advertising campaigns and promotions.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design has become one of the "buzz terms" in web design over the last couple of years. A few years ago, when smartphones first started becoming popular, it was standard practice for the website to 'assess' what kind of device/computer an individual visitor was using, and then 'serve' an entirely different version of the website to mobile phones or tablet computers than to desktop computers. Despite still being a popular way of dealing with different devices, this is not the approach that Google now recommendations.

Where Responsive Web Design differs is that no matter what device someone visits a website on (desktop/mobile/tablet), the website will re-size and re-flow the same page content, to provide the optimum viewing experience for the user based on the screen size of the device they are on.

This is now the recommended web design method for serving content to mobile and tablet devices.

Try it now, re-size this browser window and watch how this website's page elements re-flow themselves for a smaller screen size.

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